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Beware Bunny Krueger


Once sweet, innocent and fluffy, this monster now stalks the dreams of unsuspecting children, hoping to murder their plushies as they sleep.

Geekery Holidays

13 Pregnant Zombies

Zombies are always scary, but there’s something absolutely horrifying about a pregnant zombie with a living dead placenta and fetus. Here are 13 such monstrosities.

Art Holidays

Famous Monsters As Flappers

This is some great Halloween artwork.

Art Geekery

Adorably Sad Monsters

Jackie Lewis makes these “sad monster” drawings and they are all just adorable.

Funny Geekery

Cthulhu Neck Ties

Finally you can dress for the job you want -if you want to be the dark one.


Just In Time For Christmas


This graph clears up the difference between Jesus and other mythical monsters.


Construction site art


While I can’t help but feel sympathetic to the company who had these construction articles stolen from them (they’re kinda expensive and totally unusable after this), I also can’t help but love the artwork done by street artist YouLiveandYouBurn. Click the link for more pics.


Zombie Wedding Cake Toper


I’ve always wanted a large replica of the Homies wedding couple to sit on top of my cake, but if that doesn’t happen, this is a close second. In fact, it will probably fit the monster theme a whole lot better.

Thanks BoingBoing for turning me on to it.


Hoaxville Next Stop

Following up on the rant I made a few hours ago about people believing in mythical creatures like we haven’t really done since the mid-ages, we have a Yeti hunt. If bigfoot just showed up dead, who’s to say we won’t just stumble upon the Yeti this week too? Maybe lochness is next?

I apologize if I sound critical, but I am.


Big Foot Hunter eBay Auction

Thank Boing Boing for finding us this brilliant eBay listing for a sasquatch hunter -yours at only $150,000.

“Most of the Tv shows,books,and articles covering the search for Bigfoot are a joke.Nothing but pure amatuers….My methods would be covering lots and lots of territory in very remote country.I have been a big game hunter nearly all of my life and am an experienced big game hunting guide and am currently employed by a big game hunting outfitter in Wyoming.Contact me if you would be interested in funding an expedition that will get results.”

Wowzers. Anyone have $150,000 I can borrow?