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8 Hilarious Legal Looks At Fictional Issues


Ever wondered if Iron Man could get a DUI, zombies are legally responsible for the people they kill or the Ghost Busters could be accused of falsely imprisoning ghosts? Then you’ll love this great Oddee article answering all the questions you might have about fictional legal issues, as explored by real lawyers.

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I Guess They Can Take The Sky From You


Firefly is awesome, but the crew of Serenity might be lucky they only lasted one season and a movie -otherwise they might have been caught and that would have been bad news. According to Peter Liss, even the actions they participated in during just the Ariel  heist could put the whole crew behind bars for a very long time and River and Simon could even fact the death penalty!


Can You Legally Kill Zombies?

San Diego defense lawyer Peter M. Liss says “sort of.”

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Would Skyler Go to Jail in Breaking Bad?

There’s only one episode left, but before we know what will happen for sure, it’s still fun to speculate -for example, could Skyler get convicted for her role in Walt’s bad deeds? According to Vista defense attorney Peter M. Liss, she would probably be able to successfully fight all the charges.

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6 Legal Ways Cops Can Mess With You

Next time someone tells you that only criminals should be paranoid of the police, be sure to show them this article.

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7 Riduculously Stupid Successful Criminal Defenses

Can you believe someone actually managed to beat a murder wrap by claiming she believed she was trapped in the Matrix? If you think that’s bad, check out the rest of these terrible criminal defenses.

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6 Things You Won’t Believe Are Banned

Did you know emo clothing is banned in Russia and small-breasted porn is outlawed in Australia? Be disgusted with these restrictions and more by reading this great Cracked article.


Dog Lawyer At Your Service

A service dog who attended law school with his owner was just awarded a law degree. Adorable.

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