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Awesome Zombie Sandals

I love the zombie selection at the Neatoshop, but a lot of the items aren’t all the necessary for my everyday life. On the other hand, these zombie foot slippers sure are.

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12 Awesome Darth Vader Products

In honor of the closing of Comic Con, most of the posts this week will be revolving around delightfully geeky subjects. With that in mind, be sure to enjoy this great collection of items inspired by Darth Vader.

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Hilarious Amazon Products And Reviews

Amazon is filled with hilarity as long as you know where to look. Just check out these six bizarro products and these 50 funny reviews.

Funny Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Amazon Selling Gastric Bypass Kits

Amazon has long been known for carrying some strange items, but this three pack of gastric bypass surgical kits just might be the weirdest yet. On the upside, that also means it has provided great fodder for comical review such as this:

Unfortunately I managed to get this all screwed up. It should have been clearer that you don’t use all three kits. I ended up doing my stomach, liver and what I believe is a kidney although I don’t have enough medical experience to say for sure. It was very hard to use some of the tools while looking in the various mirrors I had set up. But, I got it done. At one point my wife came in, saw the mess and said I should have called a real doctor. Well, I showed her! I’m now happily eating, drinking and urinating much less. I look forward to trying the next release, the cardiac bypass kit.

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How The Tin Man Got A Heart

Who needs the Wizard when you have organ donations? This “Heartless” tee and others are all on sale for $10 right now at Threadless!


12 Cool Chopsticks

If you think chopsticks are boring, you haven’t seen these awesome ones I featured on Oddee.