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8 Hilarious Legal Looks At Fictional Issues


Ever wondered if Iron Man could get a DUI, zombies are legally responsible for the people they kill or the Ghost Busters could be accused of falsely imprisoning ghosts? Then you’ll love this great Oddee article answering all the questions you might have about fictional legal issues, as explored by real lawyers.

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The True Cost of Being Batman or Iron Man

It would cost a whopping $682 million to be Batman. Think that’s bad? It costs $1.6 billion to be Iron Man!

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Is It Illegal For Tony Stark to Be Iron Man While Drunk?

The short answer is yes, but in the movies so far, he hasn’t really flown the suit in public while intoxicated…so technically, shouldn’t get one. You can read more about Tony’s potential legal battle over at Vista DUI attorney Peter M. Liss’ blog.