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10 Stupid, But Common Drug Myths

No, mushrooms don’t make your brain bleed, selling LSD can’t get you arrested for murder and LSD doesn’t stay in your spinal fluid forever. Read the rest of the myths and the truth here.

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Proof Your Brain is A Scumbag

I love this meme because it’s just so darn accurate.

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Zombie Drive Through

Why bother with all the hassle of murder and stalking when you can just throw down a quarter for a hefty serving of warm, hearty brains? Of course, this is only useful for zombies in St. Louis. The rest of you can continue on your murderous rampages.


Do teh interwbz maek u smartz?

New studies have shown that navigating the web can improve your ability to make complex decisions and are better decision makers (could it be all those banner ads asking us to choose Brittany Spears or Hillary Duff to win a free iPod?) It seems web browsing actually stimulates the mind more than just reading standard books.

Whatever it is, it’s changing our brains and it’s awesome. I feel smarter just reading this and this.