Art Holidays

Famous Monsters As Flappers

This is some great Halloween artwork.

Art Holidays

Amazing Illustrations by Anton Semenov

Behold the creepy, dark worlds that inhabit the mind of Russian artist Anton Semenov. Now, enjoy more of his artwork and think about how much you want him to decorate your haunted house.

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Amazing Gardens Of Math and Death

I’m a terrible gardener, but I love plants, which is why I was so fascinated by this great article featuring a variety of incredible gardens, including this one -the Garden of Cosmic Speculation.

Animals Art

Amazing Russian Fantasy Dolls

Russian Deviantart user Santani makes these amazingly cool dolls out of clay, fur and little more.

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30 Cool Facts Shared On Reddit

Did you know otters hold hands while sleeping so they can stay together. Learn more cool facts here.

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Even More Awesome Fan Art

If BuzzFeed keeps up their fan art posting pace I’ll have to make linking to it into a weekly feature.

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15 Unbelievably Awesome Treehouses

If you’ve always wanted a treehouse, then you’ll really want one of these unbelievable towering treehouses over at WebEcoist.

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An Awesome Weeping Angel Statue Costume

This weeping angel costume is simply amazing, but what’s even more incredible is the fact that the creator has detailed instructions so you can make your own!

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The World’s Creepiest Bowling Balls

To advertise their new horror television channel, a German company released these delightfully creepy bowling ball heads into a variety of bowling alleys in the area. When they’re done, I bet the could make a lot of money selling these balls off on the internet.

History Interesting

The True Story of Two Famous Female Pirates

If you’ve never heard of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, then you owe it to yourself to read this delightful article on the two pirating women. Even if you know a little about them though, this article is still a fascinating read.