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Chun Li, You Can Beat Me Down Any Time


This is cosplayer Yaya Han, but as convincing and sexy as this amazing outfit is, I think we can all just go ahead and call her Chun Li.

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The Sexiest Cosplay Costumes Ever

There are tons of sexy cosplayers out there, but let’s face it. Not many of them have the figures to match their characters of choice. Belle Chere is a notable exception as you can see in this amazing gallery over at Gamma Squad.

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DOOM Nail Polish

Now there’s a lady I think I could get along with.

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The True Story of Two Famous Female Pirates

If you’ve never heard of Anne Bonny and Mary Read, then you owe it to yourself to read this delightful article on the two pirating women. Even if you know a little about them though, this article is still a fascinating read.

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The World’s Greatest Contortionists

If you think contortionists are sexy (or if you just appreciate the art form), then you’ll love this great post on Oddee.

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10 Seriously Strange Burlesque Acts

Ever wanted to see biblical characters shake it like there’s no tomorrow? Then you’ll love the bible-themed burlesque show. This great Oddee article has 9 other utterly strange burlesque show themes. Enjoy.

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Amazing Bodypaint Artworks

Halloween may be long past, but it’s never too late to appreciate these sexy and artistic bodypaint costumes.

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6 Gender Stereotypes That Are True

Women suck at parking and men stink at seeing colors. While they may just sound like stupid stereotypes, Cracked shows that these and four other gender stereotypes are actually confirmed by science. Of course, these should all be balanced out with 6 Things Everyone Knows About Women…That Are Totally Untrue.

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Sexy Taxidermy Women

Esther Verschoor is one of many talented artists working in the underrated field of taxidermy art. Her specialty? Creating disturbingly detailed human women from the carcasses of dead birds and rodents. Be sure to check out the rest of the gallery for more extraordinary art pieces.


Bloody Brilliant Tampon Testing


If you’re looking to laugh, you should definately read The Tampon Trials, where an intrepid young man works to find the least absorbent and thus most safe (so he believes) tampon on the market. The results of this ill-advised experiment are simply priceless. Here’s a little quote:

This sounds strange, because for most products — paper towels, maxipads, adult diapers — absorbency is a good thing. But with tampons, ultra-absorbency can cause the rare but fatal Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is why doctors recommend that women use the least absorbent tampon they need.

Now, I’m a guy. I know nothing about these things. But this makes me worry for all the womens out there. We’ve got to cut down on tampon absorbency. As far as I’m concerned, these super-absorbent tampons are just waiting to explode.