Bear Sleeping Bag -A “Roaring” Good Time

greatbearsculptI love this bear sleeping bag by artist Eiko Ishizawa. BoingBoing discovered it and I have to say, I need one. You know they’re extra good because if you’re camping in the wilderness, they might just save your life when an angry bear attacks your camp. Ok, maybe not, but they’re surely warmer than the average non-bear bag.

Awesome sites

Neatorama Queue Is Awesome

If you love Neatorama like I do, then you can finally write on their site like I do.

Just visit the Upcoming Queue page, post your article and if it gets voted up, you’ll get on the homepage. It’s also fun to vote on other people’s posts.


Gitmo’s Word: Daily Show

This was one of the funniest clips I’ve seen in a long long time.

Awesome sites

Terribly Tacky Valentine’s Gifts

I put a new post up on InventorSpot today showing you 15 terrible gifts for your Valentine. I really recomend checking it out! It will make you giggle. Also, I wrote a new post over at Neatorama about 5 famous people with depression. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the support everyone!

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10 Great Star Wars Items

I forgot to post, up until now, that I have a new piece on InventorSpot. This one focuses on 10 goofy Star Wars items. If you haven’t happened to see it yet, please do stop by.

Interesting Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Fetish Art By Superman Creator

I love that the co-creator of Superman did some awesome fetish art. They look fantastic and it’s so subversive. Take a look.


Art For the Sophisticated 4 Year-Old

Really, these pieces of art, no pun intended, are fantastic. They are the most intellectual Lego art works I’ve ever seen in my life -no, that’s not saying much. Legoland has nothing on Nathan Sawaya.

I absolutely love them and wish they weren’t on such a crappy tour schedule around America.

Seriously, your only California stop is Redding? Redding? Lame! Ever hear of Los Angeles or San Francisco? Maybe even San Diego, home of LEGOLAND? Think about it.

Link via InventorSpot.

Fashion New Products or Services

Awesome Protective Skateboarding Gear

Skateboarders hate looking like total losers covered in pads, not to mention that their movements tend to be severely restricted by wearing them. Enter the Cali Hoodie.

This hoodie not only looks cool, but it also will keep you protected from busting up your upper half.

Potential draw back? I wonder how warm the thing is. No one wants to be 800 degrees while skating either.