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These Spock Socks Are Exquisite


Beam me up socky!! If you want to get your hands on these sweet Spocks, better head over to Threadless and vote to make them a reality.

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11 Great Sci Fi Tattoos

If you love tattoos and you love sci fi then you’ll love this collection of great sci fi tattoos I wrote for Oddee.

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Nothing Is As Romantic As A Cthulhu Wedding Cake

Well, at least the two are fighting to protect one another.

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Pika-D2 Tattoo

If you’ve always wanted a pet Pikachu and a R2-D2 of your own, then you’ll know how awesome it would be to have a cross between the two.

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The Ultimate Geek Escalator

The only problem is that it doesn’t turn into a triangle, it just rolls off screen. Still, I’d ride the crap out of that escalator.

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Would You Visit A Sci Fi Brothel?

I know many people have watched Star Trek and dreamed of one day enjoying the company of the sexy green gals from other worlds. Or at least, that’s what Moonlight Bunnyranch owner Dennis Hof is hoping for as he prepares to open his new science fiction brothel.

Really though, if he just gets enough slave Leias running around, I’m sure he’ll be raking in a profit in no time. Would you stop by a house of ill-repute filled with alien babes?

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Come To Jabba’s Palace

Today’s Ript Apparel tee of the day is a great find for any Star Wars fan.

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Fear & Loating Meets Star Wars

If you couldn’t tell by now, I’m a sucker for funny geek culture mash ups and here’s a fantastic one by Grape Frogg.

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Yoda Takes on Keep Calm & Carry On

A great shirt from over at Ript Apparel.

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8 Lines That Could Have Ended Star Wars A Lot Sooner

Now this is funny.