Art Holidays

Amazing Illustrations by Anton Semenov

Behold the creepy, dark worlds that inhabit the mind of Russian artist Anton Semenov. Now, enjoy more of his artwork and think about how much you want him to decorate your haunted house.

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Funny Not-So-Disney Art

What happens when an artists decides to turn classic Disney characters naughty? You get the work of Jose Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros and the work is most certainly fantabulous.

Art Humor Videos

Translating An Artist’s Statement

If you’ve ever heard the pretentious crap artists spew out about their own work and wondered what the hell it actually means. Here’s a great video translation.

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The South Park Art Gallery

In honor of South Park’s 15th anniversary, artist Ron English curated a South Park gallery showing in New York. Some of the pieces are childish and some are just plain brilliant. Check out more over on Laughing Squid.

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Banksy Bails Out Russian Graffiti Artists

Aside from traveling the world tagging everywhere he visits, writing Simpsons storyboards and making movies, Banksy is also busy helping other graffiti artists around the world. He recently bailed two Russian artists out of jail as well. Read more about the fascinating story here.


Ten Great Graffitists


The girl above is known as Lady Pink, her artwork is featured as one of ten great graffiti artists on Web Urbanist. Check them all out and you won’t be disappointed.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have.” -Andy Warhol

Fact of the Day:
The Yankees used to play Liza Minnelli’s version of New York New York after loses and Frank Sinatra’s after wins but stopped after Liza started being a bitch about it. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
Checkers Day

Link of the Day:
Great wood painter Audrey Kawasaki.


Art For the Sophisticated 4 Year-Old

Really, these pieces of art, no pun intended, are fantastic. They are the most intellectual Lego art works I’ve ever seen in my life -no, that’s not saying much. Legoland has nothing on Nathan Sawaya.

I absolutely love them and wish they weren’t on such a crappy tour schedule around America.

Seriously, your only California stop is Redding? Redding? Lame! Ever hear of Los Angeles or San Francisco? Maybe even San Diego, home of LEGOLAND? Think about it.

Link via InventorSpot.

Awesome sites

Love Vinyl Toys, You’ll Love Custom Toy Lab

Yummy munniesCustom Toy Lab has a selection of some of the coolest toys I’ve seen. From delicious Munnies to plush cheeseburgers, they have it all. You can search by artist, or, best of all, submit your own toy. Go play!