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Reversed Gender Adventure Tme

According to The Mary Sue, the full-length episode will premiere on September 5. Personally, I can’t wait!

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Sexy Disney Princesses In Real Life

Plenty more Disney princess hotties here.

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The Hangover In Cat Comics

See the rest over at I Can Has Cheezburger.

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The 8 Worst X Men Ever

Seriously, see-through skin is this guy’s only power and he’s not even the worst on this Cracked list of terrible X Men.

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Superhero Dinosaurs

Regular superheros are just so boring these days with their opposable thumbs and high-level cognitive abilities. That’s why Flickr user d.r3sto’s collection of superhero dinosaurs is so bad ass.

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Simpsons/Pulp Fiction Mash Up

If only they’d make this into an actual episode.

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Awesome Ways To Make Anime Real

If you’ve ever read a manga or watched an anime and thought about how much you’d like to hump one of the characters, then you’ll totally relate with this article I wrote on Oddee about weird ways to bring anime into your real life.

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Mario, The True Story

It’s about time Mario learns you can’t just go around killing those things you don’t like.


NOT What Jessica Rabbit Should Look Like

Ever wonder what Jessica rabbit would look like in real life? It certainly wouldn’t be the way this 57 year-old great-grandmother looks after multiple plastic surgeries to look like her cartoon hero. Disturbingly, Playboy has contacted her about doing a spread.


Afflictions of Cartoon Caracters


Personally, I think Eeyore is more depressed since sleeping is only a symptom and he certainly has other depression symptoms as well. But other than that, this one is pretty great.