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The Most Adorable Incarnation of Death Ever

I bet you never wanted to cuddle with death until you saw this cutie pie.


The Best Terrible Steve Jobs Jokes

Yes, it is too soon. No, I don’t care. They’re still funny, even if just because they are so tasteless.

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The 6 Cutest Horribly Deadly Animals

Aren’t hippos simply precious? Don’t you just want to hug one? Too bad they are the single deadliest animal in all of Africa. Learn more about the beasts and other horribly deadly cuties here.

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Before You Die

What do you want to do before you die? It’s an interesting topic of discussion that makes for an equally interesting topic of street art. Artist Candy Chang painted this in New Orleans, providing ample chalk for anyone interested in adding to the discussion.


The Tackiest Cemetery On Earth

Nothing says class like a tombstone showing you with your pimped out car and listing your mafia name. The Yekaterinburg cemetery isn’t limited to just one or two of these trashy graves though, it’s filled with multiple deceased mafiosos:

In the 1990s, Yekaterinburg was known as ‘The crime capital of Russia.’ Many of the leaders of the Russian Mafia lived there and Shirokorechenskoe Cemetery was the final resting place for many of them. Very expensive tombs, black marble, precious stones, laser-engraved images and life-size granite gravestones are common here. The nicknames of the deceased mobsters are engraved along with some of the things they were known for: He was an expert in using knifes.

For more strange and hilarious graveyards, check out the rest of the list here.

Funny History

Most Ironic Deaths Ever

If you can ever laugh at death, then you’ll be sure to chuckle at these extreme examples of irony. Take the man above:

Clement Vallandigham was a lawyer who represented a man charged with killing someone during a bar fight. Vallandigham’s approach was to convince the jury the dead man had shot himself as he drew his weapon from his pocket. As he faced the jury, Vallandigham re-created the situation exactly as it happened. And when I say exactly, I mean that he managed to also re-create the end result: a man shooting himself whilst drawing his pistol.

Funny Geekery

Mario, The True Story

It’s about time Mario learns you can’t just go around killing those things you don’t like.


Bacon Mug With Cheese


Who’s looking for a good heart attack? This mug of bacon is actually functional and holds hot cheese.


Note To Self -Don’t Work Hard


This makes me glad that I slack off, come in late and leave early every day. Someone’s bound to notice when I’m dead.


The Body Farm

The Body Farm is a place for forensics experts and students to learn more about the process of decaying bodies.  VBS.TV has a great three part documentary about the place. I have to warn you though, it is a little graphic.