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6 Animals That Don’t Give A Shit

You know honey badger don’t care, but as it turns out, neither do Tazmanian devils, wolverines or a few other bad ass creatures.

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5 Accidental Movie Stars

Jason Statham plays a great tough guy and a magnificent con man…as it turns out though, that’s only because those were his real occupations (along with Olympic diver) before he started acting. Learn about more awesome accidental actors over at Cracked.

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The Strangest Boasts In Rap

I always hated Lil’ Wayne, but now that I’ve actually seen some of his lyrics spelled out, I know why he sucks so damn hard. Check this out:

“Swagger tighter than a yeast infection
Fly go hard like geese erection
Fashion patrol police detection
I stay tight like Chinese connection

If you want to check out more terrible, terrible rap lyrics, be sure to read this great Cracked post.
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The 8 Worst X Men Ever

Seriously, see-through skin is this guy’s only power and he’s not even the worst on this Cracked list of terrible X Men.

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7 Delightful Cases of Petty Revenge

I’m not big on getting revenge, but if I was going to, I’d like to go all out like these people. Renting billboards to harass your ex, buying a pet bear to take around school since you can’t have a dog and getting your wife banned from your country rather than getting a divorce are all great ways to get even.

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6 Glitches That Made Games The Way They Are

Did you know the Easter egg was invented by someone who was pissed at the gaming company they worked for or that Laura Craft’s rack was devised only because a programer accidentally made them too big? Learn more about these funny glitches on Cracked.

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Crack’s Guide To Killer Whales

Credit where it’s due!