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Awesome Ways To Make Anime Real

If you’ve ever read a manga or watched an anime and thought about how much you’d like to hump one of the characters, then you’ll totally relate with this article I wrote on Oddee about weird ways to bring anime into your real life.

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All Anime Credits Are The Same

Have you ever got a sense of deja vu while watching the credits for an anime you’ve never seen? There might be a good reason for that.

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Wanna Touch Boobies While Playing WOW?

titties bitchesHey all you anime fans, video game nerds and other losers who can never understand why they can’t pull a chick even though they still rely on virtual sunshine, here’s your chance to finally touch some titties. Rejoice geeks, Battical has informed the world of the existence of this 3D anime mouse pad available at will let you fondle your day away without having to bother with that pesky “talking to real people” thing.

At least it’s ergonomic.

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