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That’s A Party I Want to Go To


If I went to a party where this was on center display, I think I’d punch anyone who tried to eat a Peep.

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Delightful Teeshirts Today

Today Ript Apparel has this great Hulky Kong shirt and TeeFury has this wonderful Bad Exterminator Unit shirt. Both are hilarious geek mashups and both are only going to be around for another 8 hours or so, so if you like them, better click the links and get them before they’re gone.

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Today’s Great Tee Fury Shirt

If you like this one, you’d better hurry over there and get it because they’ll stop selling it in 8 hours.

Update: This tee is now always available 24/7 at the NeatoShop.

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Super Smash Bros. Burlesque

Now that’s sexy!!

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It’s A Me A Mario De Cat!

Mario Hat For Cats Crochet

You can make your own kitty into a Mario cat with these great knitted caps from Etsy seller SaraiRose.

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Taxidermied Koopa Paratroopa

If you still haven’t gotten enough Mario in real life, then enjoy this creepy koopa paratroopa made from real animal parts.

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Seriously Awesome Mario Street Art

I love Mario, which is why it’s so darn refreshing to get to see him wandering the streets in real life. These Super Mario street art pieces are simply too fun to ignore.

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Creepy Mario Bros Villains

I love these creepy Mario bad guys made by Mike Puncekar.

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Now There’s A GIF I Can Get Behind

I’d feel bad for the dog if it wasn’t so cute and if his tail wasn’t wagging the whole time.

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Mario Art Created In Excel

Now that is an absolutely awesome waste of time.