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Fun Times At The San Diego Fair

This week I got to check out the food, fun and frivolity that is the San Diego Fair and here is the result. While I didn’t eat any wacky doodle foods (just fried calamari and a cinnamon roll), I did document all the craziness.

This was the one booth that did tempt me, being as how I am a huge cheese fan and macaroni and cheese in a cup sounded great, as did deep-fried cheese curds.

Last year, this booth made all kinds of waves with their deep-fried butter and chocolate-covered bacon, and this year they stepped up their disgusting fatty food game with deep-fried bacon and chocolate covered corn dogs.

While I didn’t get any of the crazy food, my friend did try the chocolate-covered corn dog and the result was surprisingly boring. According to him, the melty chocolate covering completely covered up the flavor of the corn dog. I had some of the chocolate-covered bacon last year and I have to admit, it suffered from the same problem -mostly because the bacon slice was so thin it would be hard to taste without a chocolate covering.

This is the most famous of the food booths, featuring deep-fried Girl Scout cookies and deep-fried Kool Aid.

They’re so popular that they actually have two connected kitchen trucks.

One of the fair’s longest-running food stands, this barbeque joint serves up killer smoked ribs and grilled chicken for the greatest prices of any fair booths.

Inside the wood-working room was this sexy wood bikini.

There was also this incredible replica of every wand from the Harry Potter movie series. A geek’s dream.

All in all, a great time was had by everyone and I highly recommend anyone in the area stop by and enjoy yourself.

Update: It occurred to me that this video from Charlotte’s web was a suiting addition to the post.


Crazy Hot Dogs…Yummy


Or at least, some of them look yummy -like this one with bacon, avacado and sour cream. The corn on the cob surrounded by bacon, hot dogs, cheese sticks and ground beef before it is deepfried is another story. Anyway, they’re all worth taking a big meatly look at.