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Cosplay As A Butterfly or Moth With These Capes & Scarves


Whether you love insects or just fun fashion accessories, you need to check out the amazing and imaginative scarves and capes of Etsy seller El Costurero Real.


Their delicate scarves and capes are a brilliant way to help you metamorphosize into the beautiful butterfly or moth you always knew you could be -and how many other fashion accessories give you the chance to do that?


Of course, since the page has been “discovered,” their butterfly and moth item selection has been dropping rapidly, so if you want one, you’d probably better act now.

Via Geek Girls

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36 Breathtaking Nature Pictures

Surely you already know nature is filled with beautiful sights, but for a remind of just how stunning and varied our wonderful planet is, don’t miss these amazing pictures of nature.

Food Geekery

Bacon Roses

These are quite possibly the sweetest way to start off breakfast in bed, ever.

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13 Great Geological Wonders

These beautiful, natural fountains are one of Environmental Graffiti’s list of the 13 most incredible geological wonders. I highly recommend clicking through to see the rest and learn more about what causes the stunning formations.

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The Oak Chapel

This stunning tree may be the oldest oak in France. When it was hallowed out by a fire in the 1600s and still managed to survive, the locals considered it a miracle and turned it into a chapel. The result is simply stunning.

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A Gorgeous Woodpile Tree

Most woodpiles are so bland, but this one is so beautiful.

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The Scientfic Reasoning Behind Fall Folliage

Ever wonder why leaves change color in the fall? The short answer is that Earth’s tilt reduces the amount of sun these trees get, decreasing their chlorophyll and allowing the other colors in the leaves to come through. For a more detailed explanation, check out this awesome Environmental Graffiti article filled with beautiful photos like the one above by sigusr0.


35 Stunning Abandoned Buildings

Regular readers of the blog know that Rue The Day loves to post pics of abandoned buildings, even when they have annoying commentary along with gorgeous photos like this site.


Who Wants Some Tasty Lighting?

While the gummis in this chandelier are acrylic and not edible, I know I’d still be tempted to suck on them all day and would be forced to keep an emergency supply of their snackfood cousins in the house at all times.

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The Destruction Of Detroit


I find Detroit to be one of the most fascinating places in the States. It was a huge, rich city and is now like a third-world country right here in our own states. The Times has a fantastic photo gallery of Detroit buildings in decline. They are beautiful, and throughly depressing. I highly recomend you check them out.