Animals Videos

Kitty and Hedgehog Love Each Other


Animals Videos

The World’s Most Adorable Kitten

How could you resist this cuteness?

Food Geekery

Bacon Roses

These are quite possibly the sweetest way to start off breakfast in bed, ever.

Animals Interesting Videos

A Horse And A Pup In Love

Because you needed some weekend cuteness.

Crafts Holidays

Christmas Ornament Mice

If you’re still looking for a Christmas gift for that special someone, The House of Mouse is a great place to start shopping. They offer adorable handmade mouse Christmas ornaments in the styling of Yoda, Harry Potter, Frodo, David Tennant and more delightfully geeky characters. Get a Dumble Doormouse here.

Animals Interesting

Meet Tokyo’s Newest Police Dog

She’s rough. She’s tough. She’s about 7 pounds wet. Meet Peach, the newest K9 member of the Japanese police force. While she may not be effective at running down Yakuza members on the streets, she’s one of the best search and rescue dogs on the team.

Food Holidays Science

Best Halloween Candy Carriers

If your youngster is looking to maximize his or her candy score this year, give them a pillowcase instead of one of those cute trick or treat buckets. My Science Project, who did the pumpkin experiment we linked to yesterday, has also done a scientific look at candy carrying apparatuses and has found that pillowcases are the way to go for maximum candy loading. Of course, if your kiddo isn’t strong enough to carry up to forty pounds of candy, size might not matter in the long run.


A Geek’s Wet Dream

This Nintendo coffee table has a working controller in the same scale and it ports for computer and gaming consoles. Awesomeness? I think so.


Cutie Ligers Cause Controversy

These precious babes were the result of a zoologist’s mistake in Taiwan. He didn’t think his lion and tiger would mate and now he’s in big trouble for breeding wildlife without permission. But how could you be angry about the creation of these little angels?


Kirby Bloody Cake


This Kirby cake is too sad, but absolutely hillarious. Poor wittle Kirby.