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This Butter Cheese Shedder Is a Real Invention


Sure, you could leave your butter out until it softens, or you could buy this awesome invention that will practically turn it in to spaghetti.

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10 Gadgets That Make Life Harder

Yes, a vertical keyboard designed to help you type in a more orthopedically friendly manner. The rest of this list is just as ridiculous.

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Sweet Steampunk Cell Phones

These steampunk cell phones may be works of art, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t totally functional too.

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ThinkGeek’s April Fools

ThinkGeek has released its annual April Fool’s Day goodies list and, once again, they did not disappoint. From arsenic-laced sea monkeys to glasses that make 3D movies 2D again, they’re all funny. What’s really true to form though is that they once again created a fake product that I really wish was real. This year it’s the Bonzai Kitten Plush. Like always though, if enough of us vote to make it real, this will become an actual item, so please visit the site, click on the order button and then vote for it.

Also, if you’re interested in placing any orders with the site, you really ought to do it today as you can get a free tee with an $15 order.

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Monster Golf Cart

If you ever wondered what would happen when a golf cart and a monster truck had an illegitimate child, now you know. And here are 18 more funny golf cart mods.

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New I.S. Article

I’m really proud of my newest InventorSpot article. It’s about 10 bacon products that have no actual food in them. While it’s not an item, I love the last picture in the peice enough to post it up here. It’s all about bacon defeating fries, although a bacon topped fries would be the ultimate power in office.

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A Great Invention For Once

I know that I like to point out horribly stupid products here, but this one is purely brilliant. A friend of mine at InventorSpot has written about this beaut. And yes, it is what you think it is -a George W. urinal. I say Obama’s new campaign slogan should become “A chicken in every pot and a Bush in every can.”   Who knows, maybe the lowbrow humor would even attract some of those “Good Ol” boys who are afraid of a black person in office.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Breast Milk Jewlery

Seriously, eww.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t want anything made from another woman’s breast milk. Particularly jewelry. I guess if you’re one of those weird people that has an obsession with mothers in societies though, you might like it. -Freak.

Thanks Boing Boing.

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Rapid Bath Dog Washing Thing

When I worked at a vet office for about a week, they had the coolest system to wash dogs. It was a hose with the shampoo already included and you just ran the water over them with the shampoo running, then rinse them and you’re done.

I’ve seen these Rapid Bath things on tv, and I’m wondering if they work as well. Have any of you guys tried these? They look awesome, but I don’t wanna buy one unless the work really good.

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Japan’s Latest Fads That May Be Crossing Here

Advertising Age has a great list of products and services made popular in Japan, that may be imported into the US. My personal favorite, the ramen noodle spa.