Politics Sickening

Thanking Voters With a Slaughter

An Indian politician is so thrilled to have one the recent election that he has sacrificed over 200 goats and four buffalo. Take that PETA. More info available at


If You Thought Your Family Was Embarassing

Than take some comfort in knowing that at least you aren’t a U.S. president. Mental Floss has more about the horrible humiliation presidents have had from their no-good family members. Above -Billy Carter’s beer.

Drugs Politics

Magic Mushrooms: The Next Medicinal Marijuana?

Researchers have discovered that people who “shroom” can have an increased level of happiness as much as 14 months later, more on the study. For chronically depressed people (read:me), this could be a life saver…literally. I have in fact taken them when they were legal in Amsterdam and I have to say, I do think it really helped my mood for a long while afterwards.

Pot and prozac do not do this. Nothing legal in the US does this.

Personally, I think more “drugs” should be legal, as a person should be able to do whatever they want to their body. But when it comes to something like this, where it can have major benefits for the person taking it and they don’t hurt anyone by taking it, why the hell isn’t it legal?

Politics Sickening

Republicans More Tasteless Than Pedophile Jokes

Tasteless, ick.These buttons were being sold at the Republican convention. Seriously. People need a beat down sometimes. Did I miss something, is Goldwater running again? Is it 1953?

I bet Obama, Japan would be pissed, they need Barack to win so they can cash in on the tourism.

Advertising Politics Sickening

Sickening: Army Creating Arcades to Market To Children

How many of you knew that the Army recently hired its first ever Chief Marketing Officer? If that isn’t bad enough, Mr. ideas man decided to launch a fun arcade type of place to show kids how cool the Army is.

While I am not against advertising in anyway, tricking kids into thinking military service is fun so you can ship them off to Iraq is not cool. Not cool at all.