Animals History

Vortek The Soldier Bear

If you thought the military’s idea to train dolphins or bees is crazy, then you’ve never heard the story of Vortek, an amazingly successful animal recruit.


File Under Terrifying

A South Carolina sheriff’s department has purchased a tank with a .50 caliber machine gun. To put this gun into perspective, the amunition is strong enough to peirce through a car and even the millitary is hesistant to use it in most situations. The sheriff, Leon Lott, has actually convinced himself (and is working on convincing the general public) that the armmored personel carrier will “save lives.”

This is ridiculous. Seriously, and I’m even in favor of the right to bear arms, but no one, government official or private civillian should need something that even the military rarely needs. Find out more here.

Advertising Politics Sickening

Sickening: Army Creating Arcades to Market To Children

How many of you knew that the Army recently hired its first ever Chief Marketing Officer? If that isn’t bad enough, Mr. ideas man decided to launch a fun arcade type of place to show kids how cool the Army is.

While I am not against advertising in anyway, tricking kids into thinking military service is fun so you can ship them off to Iraq is not cool. Not cool at all.