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Cat Expected To Serve Jury Duty

Anna and Guy Esposito happily entered their cat, Sal, in the pets section of the 2010 census, but they certainly didn’t expect that to result in their cat getting a jury summons. While that’s pretty silly to start with, the truly ridiculous part came when Anna filed to have Sal disqualified on the grounds that he doesn’t speak English -and the court refused to disqualify the feline.

Politics Sickening

Some Conspiracy Theories Are Right

If you lived in a small town in France and assumed that a strange incident fifty years ago involving bread, mass hallucinations and at least five deaths were related to mind control experiments by the CIA, people would think you were insane….That is, until recently uncovered documents proved you right.


Arnold Says “FU Assembly”


Oh Arnold, you sneaky pocket-vetoing bastard.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Stupidest Supposed Terrorism Ever

The pentagon has come up with some really moronic “terrorist” threats since 9-11, but I sincerely think this one might take the cake. They have decided that terrorists will plan attacks on the White House or other major targets using gaming social network sites like WOW. That’s right, terrorists are going to create warlocks so they can elaborately line up real world maps over World Of Warcraft lands and then discuss attacking the areas with “spells.” Are you shaking in your shoes yet? Yeah, me neither.

I hate the direction our country is headed when it comes to this insane paranoia. The yeti expedition is more likely to find something real than the government is at this point.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government ePizza Dogxcept all the others that have been tried.” -Sir Winston Churchill

Fact of the Day:
7-11 was named for the hours it was originally was open, 7 A.M. to 11 P.M. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
7-11 Day: Free Slurpees for all!

Link of the Day:
Hot dogs around the world!

Mmmm…hot dogs. Seriously, I love 7-11. It made me feel comforted when I saw them in Sweden and other places in Europe. Today is one of my favorite days of the year.

P.S. Viva la pizza dog.


Man Arrested For Loving A Bear Like One of the Family

All these news stories lately are making me a sucker for bear stories. First the bear and kitty friends, now this. Ram Singh Munda, a resident of India, saved this little bear when it was abandoned in the forest. The bear, named Rani or “queen,” became friends with his daughter who was recovering from the death of her mother and is now like a member of the family.

Unfortunately, rather than trying to do what’s best for all involved, the Indian government just arrested Munda, sent the bear to the zoo and his daughter to boarding school. Now the little bear isn’t eating. The whole thing just isn’t right. I do agree that he shouldn’t be raising a bear at his house, but he shouldn’t go to jail and the bear’s hunger strike is dangerous. Booo Indian government! Booo!

Seriously, how cute is that little bear on the bike? He looks like he’s smiling.

Politics Sickening

Republicans More Tasteless Than Pedophile Jokes

Tasteless, ick.These buttons were being sold at the Republican convention. Seriously. People need a beat down sometimes. Did I miss something, is Goldwater running again? Is it 1953?

I bet Obama, Japan would be pissed, they need Barack to win so they can cash in on the tourism.