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How To Trick Nazis

At a Neo-Nazi festival in Germany recently, a group called EXIT managed to get these shirts out to 250 attendees. At first they had a pro-nationalist message, but when washed, they urged those looking to get out of the lifestyle to contact them for help escaping.

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8 Insanely Sexual Products Made For Kids

Would you believe this was actually sold as a child’s toy in Tesco, one of the leading stores in England? And it’s not the only horrendously offensive kid’s product you won’t believe.

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15 Hilariously Bad Ad Slogans

We’ve previously brought you the 8 worst slogans ever, but Oddee’s on our trail with 15 inappropriate ad slogans.

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Hillariously Creepy Skittles Ad

Seriously, put your finger on the screen, it’s worth it.


Another Bad Marketing Mistake


Although, I guess this might help boost sales in certain parts of the South. Thanks Miss Cellania.


Good Neigh Bears Endangers Kids


I find it somewhat ironic that State Farm tried to distribute these toy bears called Good Neigh Bears to show what good neighbors they are, then they had to recall the bears because they might injure children. Yeah, what a great neighbor you are.

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10 Great Star Wars Items

I forgot to post, up until now, that I have a new piece on InventorSpot. This one focuses on 10 goofy Star Wars items. If you haven’t happened to see it yet, please do stop by.


Someone Didn’t Learn From ATHF

Cake or Death?Remember the bomb scare over the Aqua Teen Hunger Force bomb threat? Yeah, some dumb-ass guerrilla marketing company obviously didn’t when they sent cakes with wires and shit sticking out of them to a variety of news organizations.

Of course, the fire crews got called. They were lucky though, no charges were pressed. More here.

If you ask me, this looks a lot more sketchy than a Mooninite with his middle finger up.

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Sickening: Army Creating Arcades to Market To Children

How many of you knew that the Army recently hired its first ever Chief Marketing Officer? If that isn’t bad enough, Mr. ideas man decided to launch a fun arcade type of place to show kids how cool the Army is.

While I am not against advertising in anyway, tricking kids into thinking military service is fun so you can ship them off to Iraq is not cool. Not cool at all.

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The World’s 8 Worst Slogans Ever

These are the slogans that make you turn your head and say “what?” The ones that make you want to slam your head to the ground until it goes away or actually makes sense. Not too much more to say about these slogans but ugggghhhh.

  • “Dieting doesn’t work, Weight Watchers does.” Wait a minute, isn’t a diet a way to lose weight by eating different than usual? Since when is Weight Watchers not a diet? Yeah, just doesn’t work for me.
  • “It’s waaaay better than fast food, it’s Wendys.” Pretty much the same irritating thing as the Weight Watchers ad. Yeah, Wendy’s isn’t fast food, and Carlos Mencia never ripped off someone else’s jokes right?
  • “Laugh, cry, share the pants” made famous by The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Seriously, do I need to say more? It sounds like a lame joke on a public access sketch comedy show.