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5 Wierd Karaoke Studies

Who knew there were any karaoke studies at all, let alone enough to warrant a 5 weird studies list?

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Never Piss Off A Crow

A recent study has shown that crows remember the faces of people who wrong them. Not only that, but they’ll recruit other birds to mob the wrong-doer and then the crows in the mob may remember that person’s face and attack them later on.


Do teh interwbz maek u smartz?

New studies have shown that navigating the web can improve your ability to make complex decisions and are better decision makers (could it be all those banner ads asking us to choose Brittany Spears or Hillary Duff to win a free iPod?) It seems web browsing actually stimulates the mind more than just reading standard books.

Whatever it is, it’s changing our brains and it’s awesome. I feel smarter just reading this and this.

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Magic Mushrooms: The Next Medicinal Marijuana?

Researchers have discovered that people who “shroom” can have an increased level of happiness as much as 14 months later, more on the study. For chronically depressed people (read:me), this could be a life saver…literally. I have in fact taken them when they were legal in Amsterdam and I have to say, I do think it really helped my mood for a long while afterwards.

Pot and prozac do not do this. Nothing legal in the US does this.

Personally, I think more “drugs” should be legal, as a person should be able to do whatever they want to their body. But when it comes to something like this, where it can have major benefits for the person taking it and they don’t hurt anyone by taking it, why the hell isn’t it legal?


Do You Believe in God Because You’re Stupid?

Stupid or just fat?Or maybe you’re stupid because you believe in god. A researcher from the University of Ulster has shown a link between IQ and religious beliefs; noting that the more intelligence a person has, the less likely they are to believe in god.

I once saw a study that showed that being fat made men more stupid. So does that mean that fat men with low IQs are the most likely to believe in god? It sounds reasonable to me.

What are your thoughts, does religion make you a fat retard or do you just believe in religion more because you’re a fat retard? Or am I just a horrible sinner for asking this?

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