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Long time no post

Sorry loves, but I have had sickness and allergies that have made it a nightmare to function on a most basic level. I promise to start getting things back on track soon and as a first step, I thought I might tell those of you who are total drunks that Google feels your pain. In fact, they recently created a new Gmail service to stop you from sending out those pesky “drunk emails” to your friends and contacts. It’s called goggles and it requires you to answer a few math questions before the email can be sent.

Once you turn it on, you can adjust it to only work during the hours you are most likely to be tossed. So relax alcies, Gmail cares about you and the stupid shit you do while under the influence.


If You Thought Your Family Was Embarassing

Than take some comfort in knowing that at least you aren’t a U.S. president. Mental Floss has more about the horrible humiliation presidents have had from their no-good family members. Above -Billy Carter’s beer.