Cassette Tape Art

Sunday, March 22nd, 2009


This is some of the awesomest tape art I’ve ever seen…actually, it’s the only tape art I’ve ever seen. Needless to say, it’s very good.

Worth 1000 Precious Moments

Friday, March 20th, 2009


This blog has a collection of some of the best photohop images from the Worth 1000 contest for Precious Moments sculptures. The pictures are too funny.

Latte Art Has Never Been Better

Friday, March 20th, 2009


This blog has a great collection of latte foam artwork on it. The pikachu one is probably not the best as far as art goes, but I’m a sucker for the little critter. Go check them out.

Ultimately Stupid Criminal

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Over on Weird Stuff News, I just wrote the story of the world’s stupidest criminal. I can’t paraphrase the article better than I wrote it the first time over there. Read and enjoy:


Bad idea #1: Don’t date someone you suspect might be downloading child porn on to your computer.

Bad idea #2: Don’t do disgusting & illegal things with a dog when you’re drunk.

Bad idea #3: If you do take part in #2, don’t video tape it.

Bad idea #4: If you do take part in #2 & 3, don’t upload it to your computer and then just put it in the recycle bin once you realize you don’t want that video.

Bad idea #5: Don’t drink in public when you’re on probation for a DUI.

The Worst Idea Ever: When you are in jail for violating #5, don’t ask the police to check your computer for child porn (based on #1) when you still have videos of yourself making love to a dog in the computer’s Recycle Bin (#’s 2, 3 & 4). You will get arrested for beastaility and prove yourself to be one of the stupidest criminals on Earth.

All I can say is “wow,” and thank you Yes But No But Yes.

Barack Merch That’s Just Crazy

Friday, March 20th, 2009


We all know Baracksplotation is out of control and that’s why I have posted a big long article about bad Barack fashion for sale. It’s part one of a multiple part series on bad Barack merch.

Spineless Hedgehog

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


No, he’s not a coward. It’s not that kind of spineless, he’s just missing the spines on his back. He’s so cute and ugly at the same time. How could you not love him?

Good Neigh Bears Endangers Kids

Thursday, March 19th, 2009


I find it somewhat ironic that State Farm tried to distribute these toy bears called Good Neigh Bears to show what good neighbors they are, then they had to recall the bears because they might injure children. Yeah, what a great neighbor you are.

Zombie Wedding Cake Toper

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009


I’ve always wanted a large replica of the Homies wedding couple to sit on top of my cake, but if that doesn’t happen, this is a close second. In fact, it will probably fit the monster theme a whole lot better.

Thanks BoingBoing for turning me on to it.

Plushies Made From Kid Pics

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009


I am beyond enamoured with this concept -creating artistic plush dolls based on kids drawings. Best of all, the pieces were then sold to the parents as a fundraiser for the kid’s school. I can only pray that they have awesome fundraisers like these when I actually have children.

Threadless Spring Cleaning Sale

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009


Those of you who have read the blog for a while know that I love to promote Threadless every time they have a good sale going on. Right now is no exception, they have a great selection of shirts, not including the one shown, on sale for only $5, better shop fast, the deal expires on Monday.