Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Ultimately Stupid Criminal

Over on Weird Stuff News, I just wrote the story of the world’s stupidest criminal. I can’t paraphrase the article better than I wrote it the first time over there. Read and enjoy:


Bad idea #1: Don’t date someone you suspect might be downloading child porn on to your computer.

Bad idea #2: Don’t do disgusting & illegal things with a dog when you’re drunk.

Bad idea #3: If you do take part in #2, don’t video tape it.

Bad idea #4: If you do take part in #2 & 3, don’t upload it to your computer and then just put it in the recycle bin once you realize you don’t want that video.

Bad idea #5: Don’t drink in public when you’re on probation for a DUI.

The Worst Idea Ever: When you are in jail for violating #5, don’t ask the police to check your computer for child porn (based on #1) when you still have videos of yourself making love to a dog in the computer’s Recycle Bin (#’s 2, 3 & 4). You will get arrested for beastaility and prove yourself to be one of the stupidest criminals on Earth.

All I can say is “wow,” and thank you Yes But No But Yes.

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