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The Best Tee Shirts From The IT Crowd


Like a real geek, Roy from the IT Crowd has a vast selection of awesome tees featuring snarky comments and inside jokes. If you ever saw one on the show and wished you could see the whole thing or wondered what the heck it was related to, you won’t want to miss Bite’s coverage of the best of Roys T-Shirts.


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When Peanuts and Zelda Become One


Have you ever wondered how Charlie Brown would fare as Link? My guess, not so well, but you can support poor Chuck’s efforts to save Zelda with this great Threadless tee.

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The Black Knight Rises

Act fast, this shirt is only available on TeeFury for a little while longer.

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When You Mix Fallout With Monty Python

You get the awesome shirt available today on Shirt Woot. It’s ok though, it’s merely a flesh wound.

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Yet Another Great Tee Fury Tee

Batman and Fear and Loathing make an incredible cross over and just imagine the kind of drugs these two brought on their trip.

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A Wonderful Firefly Tribute


Today’s great Ript Apparel tee features Calvin and Hobbes impersonating the wonderful characters of Mal and Jayne from Firefly. Ahhh the delight!

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Thinkers As Rock Icons

What happens when you worship some of history’s greatest thinkers as though they are rock stars? You start buying tee shirts featuring their logos of course.

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Left The House: Achievement Unlocked

I saw more than a few people at Comic Con who needed this shirt.

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Slave Leia Mudflap Tee

Mudflap girls are nice and all, but for the geeks out there, nothing is sexier than a Princess Leia mudflap.

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Cat-At Loves You

I literally wiped out my bank account and maxed out my credit cards at Comic Con, but if I didn’t, you bet your ass I’d be buying what might just be the cutest geek tee shirt in the world.