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Understanding What Makes A Good Story (Now With Puppets)

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The hero’s journey is a time-tested theory of what makes a good story, whether for a movie, novel or play. While plenty of people have written about and tried to teach the concept, only now have puppets been included in the process, making it easier to absorb the information than ever.

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The Best Valentine’s Day Foods For Your Sweetie


I got my first article published on Geekosystem today and I think you’ll all like it as it features a great variety of foods to make your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. Tasty and romantic -how perfect.

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10 Books That Were Originally Rejected

Everyone gets rejected at some point, whether it’s when applying for a job, submitting a manuscript or something else. But rest assured, you are not alone and even some of the greatest writers on earth have had their books rejected before.

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Dear Blank Letters

I have long been a proponent of “Dear Blank” messages, but I was never so motivated as to print them out, photograph them and reupload them to the computer. Nevertheless, I’m glad someone did.

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Got The “Love Bug?”

Wrapping up our Valentine’s Day posts, Mental Floss has a great article detailing the strange role the flea once played in romantic poetry:

The most famous of these poems is The Flea, by John Donne. The poet’s narrator, struggling with a woman who wishes to hold on to her virginity, compares its loss to a fleabite: small and insignificant. When a flea actually does bite them both, he notes that their blood has mingled inside it. He just wants to mingle other bodily fluids anyway, so sex should mean neither sin nor shame nor loss of virginity at this point. Other writers imagined themselves as fleas exploring their lovers’ bodies, or bemoaned the fact that they were not fleas able to explore the secrets of a woman’s body without detection.

Fleas were symbols of love outside of poems, too. Some Frenchmen would pluck fleas from their lovers’ flesh and keep the insects as pets—it was a way to have a small piece of their beloved with them always. The fleas lived in tiny gold cages worn around the neck and were fed a daily meal of the man’s blood.

Here’s hoping you don’t get bit by any literal “love bugs” this year.

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I’m in Good Company

hemingwayMental Floss posted a recent article detailing 6 wordsmiths who had trouble spelling.

Those of you who follow my works on a regular basis may have noticed I occassionally have issues myself -and that’s with a trusty spellchecker on hand.

Thank you Mental Floss for boosting my confidence today.

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Neatorama Queue Is Awesome

If you love Neatorama like I do, then you can finally write on their site like I do.

Just visit the Upcoming Queue page, post your article and if it gets voted up, you’ll get on the homepage. It’s also fun to vote on other people’s posts.

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Terribly Tacky Valentine’s Gifts

I put a new post up on InventorSpot today showing you 15 terrible gifts for your Valentine. I really recomend checking it out! It will make you giggle. Also, I wrote a new post over at Neatorama about 5 famous people with depression. Hope you enjoy it. Thanks for the support everyone!

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Neat, I’m on Neat-O-Rama

Guess what loyal readers? I am now blogging over on one of my favorite sites, Neat-O-Rama. How awesome is that? Go check out my first post here. Keep checking back there will be lots more to come.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

InventorSpot Article

My first article as a featured blogger on InventorSpot is up. Learn more about the prayer booth here.