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I Could Use Some Advice Here

I hate to break away from our usual goofy posts, but I have a question for anyone out there who might know the answer. So here’s my problem; I got this bill in the mail today demanding $8.08 for a collect call from someone in prison. But not only do I not know anyone in prison, I didn’t even have this phone line back in December when they say the call was actually placed.

I know it’s a small amount, but obviously I don’t want to pay a bill for something that I had nothing to do. I also don’t want this to go to collections and risk having it hurt my credit score. But, I’ve also looked this company up and found that they are incredibly shady, so I’m not sure if I should call them because it might require giving them enough personal information for them to try to scam me out of even more money.

What do you guys think is my best option here? I am leaning towards calling them, but I want to make sure I won’t be shooting myself in the foot by talking to them and verifying my name and address.

Lol kittehs

Happy Birthday To Me

Another year older, another year closer to senility.

Holidays RTD Original

RTD Halloween Extravaganza!

Good news! In honor of the coolest holiday in America, we’re going to be exclusively limiting our content to Halloween-related topics this week. Hope you enjoy the festivities.

As long as I’m making one of these rare site announcements, I’d also like to ask if any of our regular readers know anything about Word Press layouts. Specifically how to make my archives look like the homepage instead of a list like they appear now.

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Socktopus Gets Some Love


Personally, I like when a website has good personalized ads. Facebook’s invasive ads make me happy -particularly when they introduce me to awesome things like the socktopus. If he’s not your style, there’s also a great pair of punk sock monkeys on their site. Check it out and enjoy the cuteness.

You may notice some dust over here on the site in the next few days. I’m switching ad providers because The Robert Sherman Ad Network I was working with before was absolute crap and tried to exploit the site by trying to get advertising without paying me. Hopefully you won’t have any technical interruptions during the transition, but just know, if you blog, say NO TO THE ROBERT SHERMAN ADVERTISING AGENCY.

Awesome sites

Neatorama Queue Is Awesome

If you love Neatorama like I do, then you can finally write on their site like I do.

Just visit the Upcoming Queue page, post your article and if it gets voted up, you’ll get on the homepage. It’s also fun to vote on other people’s posts.