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Graffiti Inspired By Love

While much great modern graffiti is based around political discourse, love has classically been an equally important inspiration to artists around the globe. These paintings on Environmental Graffiti prove that graffiti made from love is no less wonderful than graffiti made for politics.

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A Horse And A Pup In Love

Because you needed some weekend cuteness.

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Got The “Love Bug?”

Wrapping up our Valentine’s Day posts, Mental Floss has a great article detailing the strange role the flea once played in romantic poetry:

The most famous of these poems is The Flea, by John Donne. The poet’s narrator, struggling with a woman who wishes to hold on to her virginity, compares its loss to a fleabite: small and insignificant. When a flea actually does bite them both, he notes that their blood has mingled inside it. He just wants to mingle other bodily fluids anyway, so sex should mean neither sin nor shame nor loss of virginity at this point. Other writers imagined themselves as fleas exploring their lovers’ bodies, or bemoaned the fact that they were not fleas able to explore the secrets of a woman’s body without detection.

Fleas were symbols of love outside of poems, too. Some Frenchmen would pluck fleas from their lovers’ flesh and keep the insects as pets—it was a way to have a small piece of their beloved with them always. The fleas lived in tiny gold cages worn around the neck and were fed a daily meal of the man’s blood.

Here’s hoping you don’t get bit by any literal “love bugs” this year.

Image via Scurzuzu [Flickr]

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Happy Valentine’s Day

And what better way to celebrate than with two animals kissing. Of course, if you like this one, be sure to check out our kissing animals photo and contest. And, if you love red pandas, then don’t miss this great Mental Floss article.

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Fuck Yeah Animals With Casts


The greatest niche animal photo site ever has come to my attention recently. Or at least, the greatest behind Muttskis (ahh shameless self-promotion how I love thee). Fuck Yeah Animals With Casts provides you with wonderful photos of nothing but animals in casts. They are too adorable.


Creepy Geek Valentine


You know what they say, incest is best. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


Bulldog Watches Orangutan

This video is too cute, I love it! Sweet little bulldog.


Adorable Little Pigglet!

I want one! He’s the cutiest little pig evar! Thank you Cute Overload.

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Why Not Buy A Pomster?

468827181_33ec081f24I need one so bad! Cute Overload rarely seems to post photoshopped pics, but man am I glad they did this one!