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10 Books That Were Originally Rejected

Everyone gets rejected at some point, whether it’s when applying for a job, submitting a manuscript or something else. But rest assured, you are not alone and even some of the greatest writers on earth have had their books rejected before.

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7 Stories That Prove Johnny Depp Is Awesome

As if there were any questions about how awesome Johnny Depp was, these seven great stories will crush all doubt in your mind. Seriously, the man really is a pirate.

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9 More Tales of the Undead

If you liked the Mental Floss post from earlier this week about undead creatures from around the world, be sure to check out part two of the series.


Undead From Around the Globe

While most of us are familiar with Haiti’s zombie stories, tales of the undead are told around the world. In fact, the word ghoul is older than the Islamic religion, making flesh eaters a longer-enduring myth than most world religions.

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Sexy Cartoon Girls Living It Up

Ever wonder what your favorite fairy tale characters get up to behind the scenes? Here’s your chance to find out.


High School Angst Now A Felony

Remember when you were an angry little teenager and hated high school. If you wrote at all at the time, you probably had at least one silly story where bad things happened at school. William Poole of Kentucky is the same way.

He wrote a short story about zombies taking over a high school -and was arrested with felony charges. According to Connecticut look up His bail is $5000 and should be paid in full prior release.

“Anytime you make any threat or possess matter involving a school or function it’s a felony in the state of Kentucky,” said Winchester Police detective Steven Caudill.”

Seriously, this is some bogus crap. I remember before the whole columbine thing, I had wrote a short story about a little girl with fish bowls for eyes. The other kids pushed her in a fountain. When fish swam in her eyes, she could see for the first time and noticed how much the other kids hated her, so she shot them.

It was a stupid story, something to get my angst about school out in a creative, non-threatening way. The kids who write these things aren’t the kids that will blow up the school. Nowadays, they love to take anyone who seems alienated and push them further towards the edge. The idea should be acceptance and understanding, not more hatred. My god these people are retarded.

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Cinderella Undercover

I wrote this a few years ago as my own answer to the traditional Cinderella story so many young girls adopt for their life’s road map. It’s a little feministic, but mostly silly. It’s also a bit long, so be forewarned.

Cinderella scoured away at the bathroom floor as she watched her sisters and stepmother follow the coachman out the front door.

“I wish I could go to the ball,” she said, “I know I could win Prince Charming’s heart and escape my overbearing, hateful family.”

“I don’t think you really wish that,” whispered a voice in the corner of the room.