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Make Your Own Pop Rocks

Pop rocks are awesome, but they sure are expensive for what you get. Now you can make your own at home.

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Charlie Sheen’s Winning Recipes

The fact that Mr. Sheen is so down to appear on a comedy video like this one, making fun of his own weird and erratic behavior makes me wonder if this whole insanity thing has all been a ruse. Perhaps he needed a way to get out of his contract with Two and A Half Men or maybe he just knew it would help boost his faltering career. (He did recently get a Guinness Book record for shortest time to amass one million followers.) Whatever it is, I feel we will eventually have a Joaquin Phoenix moment when we all realize that he’s been putting on an act the entire time.

What do you think?

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The Grossest Cookbooks Ever

A roadkill cookbook? Seriously, and there are more that are just as weird.


Great Bento Boxes


Aibento has a great post full of bento boxes. The one above is only one of the many adorable designs on the site. You have to go take a look at the whole collection to appriciate the awesomeness magnitude of these dishes.


Hillariously bad cooking

This is too funny, these geeks try to cook a Ramsay disk and epicly fail. Enjoy and be sure to watch the explaination of what a souflee is!


More Amazing Geekcakes

This time you can thank Mental Floss. Can you ever get enough of these? I can’t.

I want to see a whole series of Star Wars Cabana Cakes.
I want to see a whole series of Star Wars Cabana Cakes.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“If the human mind was simple enough to understand, we’d be too simple to understand it.” -Emerson Pugh

Fact of the Day:
The depressed area of skin under your nose and above your upper lip is called your philtrum. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
National Personal Chef’s Day -yeah, I don’t have one either.

Link of the Day:
How to hide an elephant on

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Around the World In Pizza Time

Americans definitely love pizza (eating 350 slices of it per second) and although it originated in Italy, we have certainly taken it and ran with it. If we could bastardize the Italian tradition by adding things like pineapple and barbecue sauce, then what have other cultures done to further alter the face of pizza as we know it?


Another Awesome Cake -Wasp This Way

This lemon loaf cake with toffee wings is adorable and a little creepy. Sounds yummy although I’d be so sad to cut it open.

Cute little waspy, I hope he likes milk, because that’s where he’s getting dunked.