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A Dinosaur Costume For A House?

Would you wear a dinosaur costume and act as a nanny/butler for a year if it meant getting a free house? At least one person would. Here’s a little quote from his Craigslist ad:

Do you own more than one property? Do you have so many rental homes with no mortgage payments, yet you still feel unfulfilled? Tired of your illegal tenants whining that there are rats in the walls? Have you always wanted your own dinosaur? Now is your chance my friend.

In exchange for one of your properties, I will be your personal dinosaur for one year. I will be at your beck and call, 24 hours a day, wearing a dinosaur costume. The type of dinosaur is negotiable. I can babysit your children (references upon request), scare the mailman, wash dishes, entertain and impress your guests, and much more. (No sex stuff though, sorry.) I will make realistic dinosaur sounds, eat what the particular dinosaur eats and maybe even sit on a fake dinosaur egg, if you are so inclined. I am well educated, fluent in English and French (as well as dinosaur), can play several musical instruments and have no criminal record or outstanding warrants.

No follow ups have come out yet, which makes me think his venture was unsuccessful.

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The Grossest Cookbooks Ever

A roadkill cookbook? Seriously, and there are more that are just as weird.


WTF? Taxidermy

s320x240Neatorama has turned me on to one of the most disturbing Live Journal communities I’ve seen in a while. WTF? Taxidermy certainly does live up to its name. See example above for details. Why would you do that to a deer butt? Why?