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Another Set Of Terrible Nipple Tassels

Nothing says sexy like twirling Yodas on your titties.

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The Stripping Password Service

Naked Password is a plugin that encourages stronger passwords through the use of a stripping 8 bit woman. Via Laughing Squid.

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10 Seriously Strange Burlesque Acts

Ever wanted to see biblical characters shake it like there’s no tomorrow? Then you’ll love the bible-themed burlesque show. This great Oddee article has 9 other utterly strange burlesque show themes. Enjoy.


Only In San Francisco

My only question is what happens if the truck gets in a crash?

Thanks Travis Jensen SF.


Worst Nipple Pasties Ever


These adorable nipple pasties look like they were made for a stripper ready to go on Sesame Street. For more insanely ugly and strange pasties, check out this great post on Craftasrophe.