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30+ Weird, Geeky and Cool Wedding Cakes

Wedding cakes are almost as central to the event as the vows themselves, which is why so many people pour thousands of dollars into stunning pastries, but if you’re going to fork over all that money, you might as well make your cake something to remember. These wedding cakes are some of the most awesome and inspired edible arts you’re likely to ever see. Keep your wedding décor fresh and classic with a table fabric runners and matching cotton napkins.  If you’re surprised at how great the DaisySlots casino games are, then, believe me, these cake lists are also surprisingly interesting for each type of event.


My boyfriend and I first met over a game of scrabble, so I can completely understand where this couple is coming from. For those of us with a love of the language Scrabble is a perfect game board to celebrate our love.

Dungeons and Dragons:

An epic battle to save the world ends up in matrimony. It’s hard to tell even if it’s entirely edible, but either way, this D&D cake is simply amazing.


This baked creation uses a few Lego blocks, but is mostly edible and entirely incredible. Have you ever seen such an epic cake, besides the D&D one above?

I can’t find where this cake originally came from, but the dotting on the frosting is a wonderful touch and the flowers look perfect for the style.

Katamari Damacy:

This couple really, really loves Katamari Damacy. They not only have this adorable cake to prove it, but they even wore crowns and cardboard on their heads to look like the King and Queen of the Cosmos during the ceremony.

Of course, they’re not the only ones fascinated with the brilliantly bizarre Japanese game. These two couples also have adorned their cakes with Katamari goodness.


If you haven’t seen this amazing Super Mario cake yet, then you must not go on the internet…ever. Although it’s been making its rounds for years now, there’s no denying just how amazing this cake is.

This Super Mario Kart cake may not have seen as much exposure as the first, but the details are stunning and the fact that it seems to defy gravity make it even more impressive.

While this one may not be as professional and clean as the ones above, it is still pretty darn impressive and the cute figures at the bottom make up for it.


“You are the missing piece I’ve been looking for my entire life,” finally a cake with a deeper message of love.

Pac Man:

I always loved the cutaways between levels in Ms. Pacman where she falls in love with her perfect mate, and finally someone has used their pill-munching relationship to seal love forever.

Gaming Systems:

I don’t know the original source of this image, but the geeky excitement of the bride is just too good to pass up.


While the cake on top is adorable, the coolest thing about this wedding cake is the inventory icons seen on top of each cupcake.

Star Wars:

Sure plenty of people love Star Wars, but it takes some serious dedication to geekery in order for a couple to commit to a Star Wars-themed wedding. When the cake itself is a full-scale replica of R2-D2, the dorkiness and awesomeness both increase exponentially.

This Millennium Falcon isn’t quite as cool as a full-sized R2-D2, but it’s still pretty bad ass.

While the fallen AT-AT cake and ewok cupcakes are super cool, can someone explain why Leia seems to be marrying Admiral Ackbar instead of Hans? Come on people, are you hoping for fish babies?

This couple seems to be starting their marriage off on the dark side with a terrifyingly realistic Death Star cake. Sure it looks cool, but the path of a true Jedi is the way of the light.

What’s worse than cursing your wedding with the dark side? Eating the likes of Jabba the Hut. While the cake is awesome, there’s still something to be said about not having a wedding cake that resembles a runny mound of dog poo.


Fans of Stargate are sure to feel a tinge of jealousy when they see the incredible detail put into the wormhole on this cake. Even more impressive, the entire thing was handmade by the bride’s parents.

Doctor Who:

Stargate is alright, but this Dalek cake makes me jealous. The groom even has a top hat.

If cute wedding toppers just aren’t cool enough for you though, here’s a cake made in the shape of a Dalek. Personally, I’d be a little worried it was poisoned in an attempt to EXTERMINATE!

The magical part of this Tardis cake is idea that the bride and groom can travel together throughout all of time and space for the rest of their lives. Who wouldn’t want to celebrate that kind of love?

Corpse Bride:

Dark, cold and creepy are hardly standard wedding adjectives, but when it comes to a Corpse Bride wedding cake, they are spot on. And while death is generally not something romantic, it can be when it comes to Tim Burton movies.

This one I’ve seen in person. My friend is a huge Tim Burton fan and the Corpse Bride cake was a perfect touch to their Halloween wedding where guests were asked to dress up.

Nightmare Before Christmas:

Of course, the Corpse Bride isn’t the only dark Tim Burton romance. This Nightmare Before Christmas cake with adorable Jack Skellington cupcakes is both romantic and stylish.


Wooden paneling, bronzed metal cogs and gilded bolts make steampunk cakes notably different than the standard wedding treat. At the same time, the look is still dignified and stunning.

H.R. Giger

What’s more romantic than two creepy Giger aliens finding true love in a creepy biomechanical cake? Maybe lots of things, but few of them look as cool.

Replica of The Bride:

If you think eating alien cake is a little creepy, just wait until you resort to cake cannibalism. Is it just me or is there something wrong about eating the bride at her own wedding?

Wedding Dress:

For those that don’t want to eat the bride, but just her dress, here’s an edible wedding dress created by Lukka Sigurdardottir. While this can help you save some money by combining the dress and cake, it will probably be hard to walk down the aisle in something so decadent.


While this is the only music-inspired cake I have ran across so far, there’s no denying just how awesome it is. The colors, the surrealism, the size and the topper are all incredible.


Some people aren’t big on cake, but instead love sushi. This fishy wedding cake is made up of rice, tuna, salmon, yellow tail and wasabi and topped with salmon roe, avocado, cucumber, and more. Assuming it was properly prepared and chilled, I think I’d be just as excited over a sushi cake as a standard dessert cake.

Seen any cool wedding cakes lately? Add your links in the comments!

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I want to see a whole series of Star Wars Cabana Cakes.