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These Cats Can’t Get Enough Pizza

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Someone’s got the munchies and for once, it isn’t me or John. These silly felines know the value of a great pizza pie and they aren’t about to sit back and wait their turn to get a slice. And who can blame them? Pizza is just one of those perfect foods that everyone enjoys.

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10 Seriously Epic Stoner Foods


If you’re about to get baked and want something just amazing to eat after you smoke, you might want to check out some of these amazing stonerific treats from Oddee -like the Spaghettios cupcakes with Velveeta frosting above.

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15 Adorable Holiday Snacks

I’d say they were too cute to eat if my mouth wasn’t already full.

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15 Insane Ice Cream Treats

While many of the weird ice creams on this list are cringe-inducing, this ice cream sushi looks utterly decadent.

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Make Your Own Pop Rocks

Pop rocks are awesome, but they sure are expensive for what you get. Now you can make your own at home.