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WANT: Cotton Candy Filled With Pop Rocks

The best part of cotton candy is the texture, so imagine combining that amazing feeling with the delightful crackle and pop of Pop Rocks! Now that’s a party in your mouth and Tiki Pop is here to please. The product is currently out of stock, but when available, it comes in coconut, blue raspberry, pina colada and strawberry. Yumm!


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Even More Peeps Dioramas

While some of these have been covered on the other Peeps diorama posts I linked to, there are a few new ones, like the Jersey Peeps.

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Peeps Mood Rings

By removing the “jewel” from your ring pop and using the post to skewer a Peep, you can make your very own Peeps mood rings.

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13 Great Peeps Dioramas

Over at Neatorama this month, I wrote this post on Peeps dioramas. There are some pretty funny ones, so go check them out.

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Make Your Own Easter Candy

Tired of a having commercial Easter? Try making your own Cadbury eggs and Peeps with the recipe round up on Mental Floss.

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Make Your Own Pop Rocks

Pop rocks are awesome, but they sure are expensive for what you get. Now you can make your own at home.

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The Annual Chocolate Fashion Show

It’s time again for the annual Salon Du Chocolat Fashion Show in Paris, where all the clothes are made from real chocolate. The pictures are fantastic.

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The World’s Largest Gummy Worm

Are you ready for a 3 pound, 26 inch long behemoth of a gummy worm? Ready or not, here it is.

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Best Halloween Candy Carriers

If your youngster is looking to maximize his or her candy score this year, give them a pillowcase instead of one of those cute trick or treat buckets. My Science Project, who did the pumpkin experiment we linked to yesterday, has also done a scientific look at candy carrying apparatuses and has found that pillowcases are the way to go for maximum candy loading. Of course, if your kiddo isn’t strong enough to carry up to forty pounds of candy, size might not matter in the long run.


Dexter Blood Slide Suckers

Looking for a Halloween treat that’s sure to impress the adult crowd? Try these clever Dexter blood slide candies.