Art Food Sickening

One Seriously Creepy Cake

Yeah, that is a baby cake. See it being cut here.


Zombie Birthday Cake

How do you say Happy Birthday to a dead eight year old? With this fantastic birthday cake spotted on BoingBoing, of course. More pics on the creators Flickr page.


Another Awesome Cake -Wasp This Way

This lemon loaf cake with toffee wings is adorable and a little creepy. Sounds yummy although I’d be so sad to cut it open.

Cute little waspy, I hope he likes milk, because that’s where he’s getting dunked.


Gorefest Cake Sounds Delicious

Yummy. This absolutely graphic cake actually sounds quite good. With flavors like orange cake and raspberry sauce, ginger cake with mango sauce and more. I want one for my Halloween party this year.

Link found via Boing Boing.