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These Cats Can’t Get Enough Pizza

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Someone’s got the munchies and for once, it isn’t me or John. These silly felines know the value of a great pizza pie and they aren’t about to sit back and wait their turn to get a slice. And who can blame them? Pizza is just one of those perfect foods that everyone enjoys.

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Octo- Octo- Pie! I Want to Eat an Octo Pizza Pie!


Talk about a tasty little treat, nothing says pizza time like pepperoni tentacles!

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Celebrate The Dark Knight With A Joker Pizza

There’s no better pre-meal munchie than pizza and there’s no better pizza to eat before a Dark Knight Rises screening than a Joker pizza.

*This post was on Neatorama until people complained enough to have it pulled. I’d like to point out that when you let violent jackasses destroy the legacy of something that everyone otherwise loved, you’re letting them win. This idiot doesn’t deserve to be remembered. The victims do, and the victims were fans of the movie don’t forget them and don’t claim to honor them by doing the exact opposite of what they were doing.

/End of rant.

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Cheesiest Jesus Image Ever

Is it just me, or is someone other than Christ playing fast and loose with the cheese on that thing?


Pizza Lollipops

We’ve already covered the many delicious and disgusting ways people across the world eat their pizza, but it seems that up to this point, no one has concocted pizza lollipops. What a perfect savory on-the-go snack.

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Around the World In Pizza Time

Americans definitely love pizza (eating 350 slices of it per second) and although it originated in Italy, we have certainly taken it and ran with it. If we could bastardize the Italian tradition by adding things like pineapple and barbecue sauce, then what have other cultures done to further alter the face of pizza as we know it?