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The Addams’ Family Bird

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He’s creepy and he’s kooky. He’s all together spooky -the Addams birdie. You gotta love how he replicates the clicks with the head. It seems like he really is a member of the Addams’ clan.

Via Huffington Post

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Disco The Parakeet Loves to Rock Out

He almost knows every word to these classic theme songs…almost.

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Let’s Dance, Baby!

Oh those teens and their crazy, trendy new dances. Prom season is going to be weird this year.

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41 Gorgeous Birds

If you’ve had your fill of cats and dogs, then try these absolutely stunning birds on for size.

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Apparently Hummingbirds Love Weed

Yet another reason for little old ladies to start growing massive fields of pot plants. They’ll have so much fun watching the hummingbirds get high.

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Owls Are Essentially Just Plain Awesome

Animals History

15 Awesome Animal Heroes

The Dickin Medal is awarded to animals who went above and beyond the call of duty during WWII. Here are 15 of the most amazing recipients of the medal, including Mary, who completed all of her missions despite being attacked by hawks and shot by the Germans until she needed 22 stitches.

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An Owl And Cat Friendship

This is some seriously adorable stuff here people.

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The Grand National Pigeon Champions

If you think pigeons are all those boring old rats with wings we see crapping on city statues, these images of championship pigeons will show you that you are sorely mistaken.

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Unbelievably Amazing Bird Houses

The guys at Extreme Birdhouse certainly live up to their own title. These bird dociles are certainly stunning.