Animals Videos

Dog And Raven Play Fetch

Whoever knew the two could be such great friends?

Animals Videos

Lookout Parrot Arrested In Columbia

While police missed an opportunity to use the world’s cutest handcuffs, the jail bird who warned his drug-dealing owners to run is still plenty cute on his own.


Bird Shaking His Tail Feather

If you haven’t seen this clip before, you’re missing out. It’s pretty funny, particularly when he starts headbanging about half-way through.


Cue the Dumbo Birds

“Well I’ll swear I’ve seen just about anything when I’ve seen a kitty kat fly!”

That’s right, these bizzare cats have sprouted wings. They may not actually be able to fly, but I say it’s only a matter of time.

Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness

Quote of the Day:
“Anytime you do something from the heart, people just know it.” -Brad Paisley

Fact of the Day:
The letter J does not appear anywhere in the periodic table of elements. –Source

Today’s Holiday:
Bad Poetry Day -celebrate today with one of the bad poems I wrote in high school.

Link of the Day:
For the fatty in all of us, here’s 25 great foods you never knew could be deep fried. I had the Oreos, they’re quite nice, but pizza sounds heavenly.

Stupidest Products (or ideas) Ever

Another Great Terrible Invention

Good old InventorSpot has discovered US patent 4150505, the bird trap and cat feeder. Why buy your cat food when you can trick innocent birds to enter your trap and become kitty’s dinner?

I don’t imagine most cats would actually be that into this idea though. They seem to like hunting, and not fish in a barrel style.

Aside from that, it seems exceptionally unlikely that a bird would just sit there while the trap started opening. They have these crazy things, they’re called wings.

If a bird did manage to get caught, I would be worried it was sick -and thus, I certainly would NOT want my pet eating it.

All over, this has “Stupidest Products Ever” written all over it.

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The Birds -A Poem

The birds scare me,
They fly by and scream at me.
I don’t like the birds,
I wish they’d die.
But I can’t hurt the birds,
That would not be fair.
How I wish they’d go away,
They keep staring at me with those beady black eyes.
The birds think they rule me,
They would try to kill me if they got the chance.
Why do they hate me so,
I never did anything to them,
They keep staring with their expressionless eyes.
Just a flicker of light nothing more,
They rise they squawk.
They circle they chase,
They scare me.
I wished they’d go away,
Birds, leave me be!!!

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Harold the Duck

There was a duck named Harold
His head was green as algae
A melodious mallard
Singing silly songs softly
Harold was always happy
Harold liked being himself
Harold smiled all the time

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