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When Yogi Goes Out On the Water

What do bears do when they think no one is watching? They go out on jetskis, of course! After all, camping is only fun for a little while…after that, you need something else to entertain you.

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Two Red Pandas Wrestling

Why? Because they’re some of the cutest critters on earth, of course.

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It’s Too Late For The Lonely Dodo

But there is still time to save these other endangered species from becoming the next lonely creature of their species with the help of the kind people at

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How Can You Not Love These Helpless Little Sloths

Just look at those faces!

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WTF, Evolution?


WTF, Evolution is a great new blog that criticizes some of evolution’s most bizarre designs. For example the text for the guy above reads:

“Hey! Hey! I think I finally made something cute.”

“Oh, yeah? Let’s see.”

“It’s a ‘shoebill.’ It’s big and blue and adorable. Nice, right?”

“It’s… hm. I don’t know. I like the blue, but something about those eyes is kind of creeping me out right now.”

“What? Come on. Those are friendly eyes. It wants to be your friend.”

“Okay. Okay, yeah. You’re right, evolution, I’m sorry. Should I feed it, maybe? What does it eat?”

“Baby crocodiles.”

“Oh Jesus Christ.”

Yes, it is wonderful.

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Emo Cats: Breakfast of Champions

I love how relaxed and chill this little kitten is.

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11 Insane Animal Mating Rituals

Damn nature, you nasty! Just look at what you’ve made these sick snakes do:

The red-sided garter snake has one of the craziest sex lives of any creature out there.  These snakes get together once a year in Manitoba, Canada, when the female emerges from hibernation, and release a pheromone that attracts hundreds of the male snakes in her vicinity to come by for a good time – all at the same time. These “mating balls” have been known to get huge, sometimes incorporating over 30,000 snakes.
As if competing with up to 30,000 other gents for the affection of one female wasn’t bad enough – sometimes it turns out the female isn’t even really a female. Occasionally, a “she-male” snake will release pheromones and start a mating ball.

For more creepy and freaky animal sex facts, check out this great Oddee article.

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To Fly A Rhino

Yes, this is exactly what you think it is, a rhino being airlifted by a helicopter. As for why, well, that’s easy. To help move him to a safer location where he’ll be less likely to be hunted by poachers. Check out more amazing images here.

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Watch a Porpucine Eating Corn

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41 Gorgeous Birds

If you’ve had your fill of cats and dogs, then try these absolutely stunning birds on for size.