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Bloody Nurses Photoshoot

Sexy or terrifying? Either way, I like it.

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Sexy & Creepy Costumes

It’s hard to achieve the ideal balance between sexy and creepy, but this gory nurse and sexy Freddy managed to do just that.

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Dexter-Themed Dining Decor

Ever want to have a Dexter dinner party? Look to this as your inspiration and an example of just how awesome it can come together.

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Bleeding Mushrooms

Wondering how nature celebrates Halloween? By decorating the forests with these creepy mushrooms, known as bleeding tooth fungus.


Dexter Blood Slide Suckers

Looking for a Halloween treat that’s sure to impress the adult crowd? Try these clever Dexter blood slide candies.


Bloody Brilliant Tampon Testing


If you’re looking to laugh, you should definately read The Tampon Trials, where an intrepid young man works to find the least absorbent and thus most safe (so he believes) tampon on the market. The results of this ill-advised experiment are simply priceless. Here’s a little quote:

This sounds strange, because for most products — paper towels, maxipads, adult diapers — absorbency is a good thing. But with tampons, ultra-absorbency can cause the rare but fatal Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is why doctors recommend that women use the least absorbent tampon they need.

Now, I’m a guy. I know nothing about these things. But this makes me worry for all the womens out there. We’ve got to cut down on tampon absorbency. As far as I’m concerned, these super-absorbent tampons are just waiting to explode.

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World’s Most Awesome Shower Curtain

For all your sexy Psycho fantasties you like to dwell upon while cuddling up with that shower nozzle, you now have something to look at. Fun and sexy.