Bloody Brilliant Tampon Testing


If you’re looking to laugh, you should definately read The Tampon Trials, where an intrepid young man works to find the least absorbent and thus most safe (so he believes) tampon on the market. The results of this ill-advised experiment are simply priceless. Here’s a little quote:

This sounds strange, because for most products — paper towels, maxipads, adult diapers — absorbency is a good thing. But with tampons, ultra-absorbency can cause the rare but fatal Toxic Shock Syndrome, which is why doctors recommend that women use the least absorbent tampon they need.

Now, I’m a guy. I know nothing about these things. But this makes me worry for all the womens out there. We’ve got to cut down on tampon absorbency. As far as I’m concerned, these super-absorbent tampons are just waiting to explode.

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2 replies on “Bloody Brilliant Tampon Testing”

Hah, this douche is just a used tampon lovin’ pervert hiding behind the white knight facade.

This dude’s logic, while it makes sense to him and I’m sure he’s well-intentioned, is flawed. Tampons come in varying absorbencies because the flow changes during the course of a woman’s period (starts heavy, ends light). When doctors advise women to use the least absorbent tampon needed, this simply means you shouldn’t use an ultra absorbency tampon when you can get away with a regular absorbency.

Ultra absorbency is not what causes toxic shock syndrome. TSS is caused by an overgrowth of a certain bacteria which in some women is naturally occurring. This overgrowth is more likely to happen if a tampon is left in too long or is too high an absorbency.

If he had read the info card that accompanies literally every box of tampons, he may have been able to figure this out.

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