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Just Look At This Poor Midget Horse

He looks like an adorable version of Cotton Hill…maybe he also lost his shins in the war.

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This Horse Is A Ganster

Get down with your horsey self.

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The Saddest Horses On Earth

Horses are such majestic animals…until you strip them of all of dignity like these absolutely cruel animal owners. To be fair though, they are absolutely hilarious looking.

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Just Look At This Tiny Horse

This might be old news, but who cares when it involves such a cute little baby horse!

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Horse First Bump

Yeah, that just happened.

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Sadly Cute Animals Stuck In Things

This poor horse had to be rescued with the help of chainsaws, but it’s not the only animal embarassed after getting its head stuck in something. Check out more sad, yet humorous, stories on Oddee.

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A Horse And A Pup In Love

Because you needed some weekend cuteness.

Crafts Interesting

Every Little Girl’s Fantasy

Know a little girl who wants both a bike and a horse, here’s a great way to combine the best of both worlds.


The Next Mr. Ed -Awesome Horse

This horse is awesome. A friend of mine sent this video over to me and I had to share it with all of you. Watch the whole thing, you’ll keep being amazed by the horse all the way to the end.


Kitty with a Pony…awww

Talk about snuggles, this kitty LOVES the horsey!