Kirby Bloody Cake


This Kirby cake is too sad, but absolutely hillarious. Poor wittle Kirby.

By Jill

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3 replies on “Kirby Bloody Cake”

Ok, well im kinda knew to this and dont leave comments on websites like this (only on youtube and stuff like that) so i dont know if im posting this to the right thing. im hoping this will post to the picture of the sad (but funny) picture of the kirby cake that’s bloody. thats wut im trying to comment on.

Anyway, about the picture, that is sooo sad!!!!! poor kirby!!!!!
it’s kinda funny but still, i kinda like kirby
(expecually kirby superstar ultra for nds) so its kinda sad!!!!!
who would make a cake like that!!!???? If it was a birthday cake, i bet it was for someone who hated kirby.

Hey!! wut do ya know!! it worked!! the comment posted on the right spot!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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