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The 7 Dickest Moves In Gaming

From crashing an online funeral for a real dead person to running a real investment banking scam to intentionally spreading a deadly plague to low-level players, online gamers can be real dicks. Here’s the proof.

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A Hillariously Twisted Kid’s Dictionary

Finally a delightfully demented children’s dictionary to torture the innocent amongst us.

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12 Bad Valentine’s Day Gifts

If you want out of your relationship, but are too much of a chicken to say anything, you can always try buying your guy or gal any of these terrible gifts.


Japanese Girls Make Anything Cute

Damn the Japanese and their ability to do the most bizarre things on earth and end up looking all the more innocent and sweet for it. I mean, it’s mean to be riding on these little pigs who are not built to carry this type of weight, but when you see the girl laughing at the end, it’s hard to care. Thank you BoingBoing.


Kirby Bloody Cake


This Kirby cake is too sad, but absolutely hillarious. Poor wittle Kirby.


Like Stealing Lemonade From A Baby

Neatorama informs us of the meanest criminal ever, 18 year-old Steven Tyron. This douche stole money from a little kid’s lemonade stand. Now that’s low.