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Does Marijuana Reduce Obesity?

Sure everyone jokes about how pot smokers are a bunch of lazy stoners who sits around and eat junk food all day, but despite the stereotypes, a new study shows that pot smokers are actually much less likely to be obese than those that don’t indulge.  So you can put your stereotype in your pipe and smoke it.

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The 10 Scariest Ghost Recordings

While I believe I have had first-hand experience with the paranormal, I also believe that a lot of the “evidence” backing it up is just bull. That’s why I love this Oddee article that lets you decide which recordings are real, and which are fabrications or coincidences.


Wasting Away Again In Bacteriaville


Scientists have managed to make glowing bacteria and they actually have made pretty pictures with it in petri dishes. I believe this is the future of neon lighting in really skeezy bars. Why pay for the flourescent light when you can just colorize the bacteria that’s already hanging out at your bar and use it to promote your business? It’s five o’clock somewhere you partying bacteria.

For more fun glowing creature pictures, visit National Geographic.