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No Power In the Verse Can Stop This Horse

Or, at least no locked gate can stop Mariska from going wherever the heck she wants to go.

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How To Trick Nazis

At a Neo-Nazi festival in Germany recently, a group called EXIT managed to get these shirts out to 250 attendees. At first they had a pro-nationalist message, but when washed, they urged those looking to get out of the lifestyle to contact them for help escaping.


Do teh interwbz maek u smartz?

New studies have shown that navigating the web can improve your ability to make complex decisions and are better decision makers (could it be all those banner ads asking us to choose Brittany Spears or Hillary Duff to win a free iPod?) It seems web browsing actually stimulates the mind more than just reading standard books.

Whatever it is, it’s changing our brains and it’s awesome. I feel smarter just reading this and this.